‘My Heart Was Racing’: Vancouver Family Wins $125K Lottery Ticket, Plans to Use Toward Tuition


A father who won over $100,000 in the lottery from a scratch card in Vancouver, Canada, plans to use it towards his children’s education.

Winning lottery ticket: Frankis Christurasa and his daughter, Pirashalini Firangs, won $125,000 on a Super Money Multiplier Scratch and Win ticket purchased from the Victoria Drive Town Pantry.

  • Firangs discovered the win while checking their ticket on the BCLC Lotto! App, according to BCLC
  • She waited until her dad came home to give him the news and stated that he “went crazy” when he found out, according to CTV News.
  • “I scratched the ticket and saw there were three symbols so I checked it on my phone,” she told the B.C. Lottery Corporation. She stated that her hands were “shaking.”
  • “My heart was racing…Oh my gosh, the feeling is too much!” Christurasa added.

Plans for the money: Christurasa told BCLC that he plans to use part of the shares to fund his children’s tuition. 

  • Firangs doesn’t know what she will do with her half of the winnings yet. 
  • The lottery corporation stated that the odds of winning the top ticket of $125,000 are about 1 in 500,000. 

Featured Image via BCLC

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