This Japanese Service ‘Helps’ 30-Year-Old Women Lose Their Virginity

This Japanese Service ‘Helps’ 30-Year-Old Women Lose Their Virginity
Sebastian Dillon
May 13, 2015
Apparently, Japan has a virgin problem. There are just too many women who remain virgins into their 30s, and it’s starting to become a real crisis.
In the past, most men would have sought a wife who remained a virgin up until marriage, but this is the future. Men of the future (modern day) apparently would rather have wives with a little more experience under their belts.
At least, so says one controversial new service in Japan called Lost Virgin Cafe. According to RocketNews24, the service has a two to three month waiting list for new applicants, and women only need to cover a hotel stay fee of up to 10,000 yen ($84), otherwise their virginities are disposed of for free. Virgin applicants need only to be in good health, not engaged at the time of appointment and must be free of any sexually transmitted infections. Applicants with poor hygiene and severe body odor will be turned away. Condoms will be provided for the encounter, but applicants are also urged to take contraceptives in advance to prevent any unwanted surprises.
The website, which is all in Japanese, looks legit, but after some digging, RocketNews24 discovered one sketchy detail.
The deflowering service is literally a one-man operation. The task of eliminating women’s virginities is solely taken upon by a man named Masato. According to the website, he is in his 30s, is about 5’ 10,” 158 pounds and has 14% body fat. He’s got a normal amount of hair on his head but nowhere else on his body, allegedly has no body odor, and works as a designer and website consultant. Masato claims to have “helped” more than 200 women lose their virginities and describes himself as a “Virgin Master” who offers “100% guaranteed pain-free” service. The guy is basically on a crusade to help women plagued by their own virginities — the only thing he won’t do is the whole pillow talk about virgin problems. He’s only there to fix it and bounce.
Even crazier than his crusade though are his reasonings for why women should lose their virginities, like, ASAP. According to Masato, sexual inexperience could lead to trauma or the development of complexes if women remain virgins for too long. He claims women are likely to be virgins if they are too tall (specifically, over  5’ 6”) or if they have a bit of a tummy, and that they will surely face embarrassment when they have to tell people like their gynecologists that they are still virgins in their 30s.
Masato, who sees his non-profit organization as a philanthropic venture, also claims that older women who still have their virginities are like smartphones without internet connection, and that no man would want a “defective” product.
Needless to say, the internet’s description of Masato’s “high-demand” service includes labels like “sad,” “pathetic” and “insane.” Sexual satisfaction can be pretty important for a happy marriage, but since when has virginity been getting so much hate?
Source: RocketNews24
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