Golden retriever puppy in Bangkok gets mugshot and ‘charged’ for getting lost

  • An adorable golden retriever puppy in Bangkok was taken to the police station  and “charged” with getting lost after parting ways from home. 
  • On May 16, Bangkok police discovered the lost puppy at an apartment building near Wireless Road and took her to the Lumpini police station. 
  • At the station, police members took “mugshots” of the puppy with a board that read “Name: Golden Retriever” and “Charge: Getting lost.”
  • The puppy was given blankets and food while waiting for her owner to arrive.
  • On May 17, the owner contacted the police and picked up the puppy at the station.

After being found by Bangkok police, a lost golden retriever puppy was taken to the police station where she was photographed and “arrested” on charges of getting lost.

On the evening of May 16, police found the adorable puppy at an apartment building along Wireless Road in Bangkok and took her to Lumpini police station. 

Lumpini police uploaded a series of “mugshots” to Facebook of the puppy next to a sign that read “Name: Golden Retriever” and “Charge: Getting lost.” In hopes of finding her owner, the sign contained additional information including the time when the puppy was found and the apartment building’s name.

While waiting for her owner’s return, the puppy was provided with blankets and food. The next day, the golden retriever’s owner contacted police and arrived at the police station to bail out the remorseful looking puppy.

Featured Image via สถานีตำรวจนครบาลลุมพินี

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