Lost Dog Goes to His Vet for Help to Get Home

lost dog

A dog that got lost in the streets of Bangkok managed to find its way home after sniffing his way to his vet to ask for help.

Khiew Ngern, a four-month-old mixed black bull terrier, wandered off while his owner was working at the Bai Mai Kitchen restaurant on July 7.

Khiew Ngern. Image via Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

The pup spent over six hours sniffing around the city until he reached what may be the second-most familiar location to his knowledge: his vet.

In a now-viral video, Khiew can be seen lurking around Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic in apparent hopes of catching someone’s attention from the inside.

Khiew paced restlessly at the entrance to the clinic.

At one point, he seemed visibly eager to enter the premises as some clients exited the door.

Khiew “knocks” at the clinic for help. Image Screenshot via Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

Eventually, the doctor’s assistant took notice of Khiew and let him inside.

They then contacted his owner and the two were reunited.

The veterinarian’s assistant notices Khiew and lets him in. Image Screenshot via Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

The video of Khiew’s “knocking” has received nearly 800,000 views since its posting on Facebook.

Many praised his intelligence and expressed relief for his homecoming.

lost dog
Khiew reunites with his owner. Image via Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

“A truly clever dog. Congratulations and thank you to the clinic,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “He realized there was only one choice left. That’s to speak the ‘human language.'”

Feature Images via Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic (left, screenshot; right)

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