Lost Dog Finds His Way Back to Owner After Asking Police Officers For Help

Lost Dog Finds His Way Back to Owner After Asking Police Officers For Help
King Malleta
March 2, 2017
Two Chinese police officers were sitting in their car near the toll booth at Guilin Highway when suddenly a cute dog appeared by their window, seemingly asking for help.
According to WOB, an adorable golden retriever sought the help of the two police officers named Rong and Wong. Apparently, the dog was lost and his owner was nowhere near the vicinity.
One of the police officers said that it was already 1 a.m. when the dog approached them while holding his leash in its mouth.
The dog even followed them while they worked, but because people might get frightened and for the dog’s own safety, the two decided to just take the dog to the police station. There, they gave him food and water to drink.
The obedient dog stayed in the police station until they came back at 8 in the morning. To their surprise, the dog quickly hopped inside the police car after they got ready to work that day.
He just sat there as if asking the two officers to help him find his way back to his owner. Touched by the canine’s friendly behavior, the officers decided to ask the public to spread the word out to help them find the owner.
A couple of hours later, the dog’s owner was notified and quickly rushed to the police station.
The owner said that his 2-year-old golden retriever has a habit of hunting for mice and must have wandered far from home and got lost. With regards to his dog’s smart and social behavior, he revealed that his dog trained for a short while at a Nanning police base.
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