Woman Cries for Help as Man Harasses Her in LA Restaurant, No One Stepped In

Woman Cries for Help as Man Harasses Her in LA Restaurant, No One Stepped In

August 11, 2020
An Asian American woman was verbally attacked by a man while ordering food at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles after she rejected sitting down with him for lunch.
HD Lee, also known on Instagram as @mama_dolee, was waiting in line for her food at El Taurino restaurant after 2 p.m. on Monday when the man gave her his card and asked her to have lunch with him.
When Lee replied that she was married, the man grabbed the card and went on a racial and expletive-laced tirade.
“He then … screamed the most HATEFUL racial slurs and DEGRADING words in the English dictionary towards me,” she said in an Instagram post.
Lee told NextShark that she was alone at the time of the incident but had two phones on her.
“I was on a work call then the person approached me so I started recording with my personal,” she recounted.
The man took out what appears to be an iPhone 5 or SE before spewing words such as “Tell her to go back to f***ing Asia,” and “F***ing b***h.”
In the video, the man claims his name is Frederick Douglas Smith and yells his alleged social security number and birthday.
“I’m a contributor to the Obama administration you f**king Asian c**t,” he went on. “Look at you, you ain’t even fine. You look like s**t.”
The incident left Lee in tears, and she was “disturbed” by how long the employees at the El Taurino took to intervene.
“After nearly two minutes of being degraded, the two employees finally stepped in and asked him to go to the other corner of the restaurant,” she said. “They gave him free food and left. I waited and cried in the corner for 30+ minutes before the police came.”
According to Lee, the police did not take a report and told her “this happens all the time.”
NextShark has reached out to LAPD for further comment.
Feature Image via @mama_dolee
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