Los Angeles bride surprises family with breathtaking Indian wedding dress in viral video

Los Angeles bride surprises family with breathtaking Indian wedding dress in viral video
via Bianca Louzado
Chandler Treon
By Chandler Treon
December 13, 2022
An American woman who wore a traditional Indian dress for her wedding has gone viral.
Hannah Rogers, a 31-year-old immigration attorney from Los Angeles, and her husband, Vidhur Goyal, were married at Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur, India, in a traditional Hindu ceremony on Nov. 18.
The bride wore a traditional red lehenga, which she revealed to family and friends in now-viral videos taken by her makeup artist, Bianca Louzado.
In the first video, Rogers walks out of the bridal suite and is greeted with shocked expressions, cheers and applause before being enfolded in a celebratory group hug. Many commenters singled out the father of the bride for his heartwarming reaction. Posted on Instagram on Nov. 19, the video has since racked up 11.6 million views and nearly 660,000 likes.
A second video posted on Nov. 30 shows the bride’s mother and father walking into the bridal suite to see her in her dress privately before the big reveal. This video garnered 5.3 million views and over 227,000 likes.
According to Rogers, putting together a traditional Hindu ceremony as an American woman wasn’t without its challenges.
“Planning an Indian wedding when my in-laws don’t speak English and we couldn’t communicate much was so challenging, but also the best thing ever,” she told Fox News. “I learned so much about my husband’s family and culture and truly embraced all of it.”
In the end, Rogers said the work “paid off in the best way possible.”
Social media reactions:
“Oh my god the dad’s reaction,” wrote one commenter on the first video. “He definitely still looks at her as if she were 6.”
“Really proud as an Indian, and also love to the American people for loving our culture,” wrote another.
“A beautiful sight to behold. As an Indian, I could not be more happy seeing this,” wrote a commenter on the second video. “Wishing you and your spouse a happy marriage life ahead.”
“Absolutely gorgeous and heartwarming moment,” wrote another.
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