Dublin’s New Chinese Mayor Claps Back at Racist ‘No Bat’ Tweet From Politician

hazel chu

The new Lord Mayor of Dublin did not pull punches when she clapped back at a politician’s racist tweet after winning the 2020 general election in Ireland.

Claps Back at Racist tweet: Hazel Chu used humor to call out National Party member Rebecca Barrett for her racism last week, according to the Irish Post.

  • The incident started after Chu tweeted that she was still up watching the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Dublin Live reported.

  • Barrett, the wife of National Party leader Justin Barrett, replied to Chu’s thread with a racist, now-deleted message, saying, “Justin and I are still up too, Hazel. And we’re getting hungry. Since you’re up anyway, we’ll have a sweet and sour chicken, a Szechuan beef and 2 fried rice, please. No bat.”
  • The tweet did not go unnoticed as Chu, who was born in Ireland to immigrant parents from Hong Kong, called Barrett out.
  • “I’d love to Rebecca but I called my mam to put your order in and sadly she said we don’t serve racists or trolls,” the Green Party member wrote. “It’s nice you like our cooking so do come back again to try and order when you’ve learned some manners. Good that you decided to lay off the bats though. Best-Hazel.”

The aftermath: Chu posted a follow-up Twitter thread to encourage others to stand up against racism.

  • Barrett’s inbox was flooded with hate mail. “If these people hate you, you can be pretty sure you’re on the right side,” she said.

  • Barrett claimed that Twitter took down her tweet.

  • A screenshot of Twitter’s response in the original thread showed that Barrett did violate rules against abuse and harassment.

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