‘Did You Just Call Me a P*ki?’: South Asian Man Knocks Down Alleged Racist in London


One man in London found himself knocked flat on the ground after allegedly using racist language in an encounter with a man of South Asian descent. 

The incident, which appears to be filmed by the South Asian man, reportedly occurred near the East London Mosque in the Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Image Screenshot via Sonya Akhtar

The 26-second footage begins with the South Asian man asking the white man, “Did you just call me a P*ki?”

To this, the latter replied, “Because you are.”

Image Screenshot via Sonya Akhtar

Commonly heard in the U.K., “P*ki” is a derogatory term used to refer to people of South Asian appearance.

When asked for the second time, the white man responds similarly, this time adding, “Next question, if you’ve got one.”

Image Screenshot via Sonya Akhtar

“Flipping waste man,” the South Asian man responds.

“No, you’re the waste,” the man snaps back. “What are you wearing? You’re in Northern Europe…”

Image Screenshot via Sonya Akhtar

The encounter then appears to turn physical as the camera shakes and the white man is seen lying on the ground from a distance shortly after.

“Racist gets owned,” wrote a Facebook user who shared the video.

It’s unclear when exactly the incident happened, but the matter was reportedly brought to the attention of Metropolitan Police.

NextShark has reached out to the Facebook user for further comment.

Feature Image Screenshots via Sonya Akhtar

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