Locals in Chinese City Record Footage of Mysterious Rectangular Light in the Sky

Residents in Jinan, China found themselves clueless as they looked up at the night sky earlier this week, when a strange silhouette of light in the shape of a rectangle suddenly appeared.

The mysterious aerial phenomenon was captured on camera by locals in Jinan, Shandong Province, on August 13.

In one video, the glowing rectangle can be seen high in the sky while onlookers speculated about it.

The bizarre light appeared as if it was moving further up into the atmosphere.

The video quickly spread throughout social media, as netizens came up with their own theories about the sight.

According to the Daily Mail, commenters wrote:

“It looks like a mobile phone!”

“The door of heaven is open.”

“Above is a flying carpet.”

Local reports say that the glowing rectangle could have been a spotlight projecting onto the clouds above, but many residents were still shocked by it.

What do you think about the sight?

Check out the footage below:

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