Canadian Grocery Chain Offers Ugly Produce For Cheap, They Sell Like Hotcakes

A Canadian grocery chain is offering shoppers imperfect produce for discounted prices.
Loblaw introduced their Naturally Imperfect produce line last March in a trial run that saw misshapen and discolored apples and potatoes available for sale at lower prices to shoppers in Ontario and Quebec, reports the CBC.
The Brampton-based company announced today that more visually flawed produce will soon be offered at locations across the country.
“It really went well above and beyond what our expectation was,” said Dan Branson, the company’s senior director of produce. “I think it really spoke to the fact that Canadians are out there really looking for some options around driving value into their weekly shop and having greater accessibility to that healthy eating product of value.”
The Naturally Imperfect line will soon also offer shoppers in Quebec and Ontario imperfect peppers, onions and mushrooms.
Fruits and vegetables deemed uglier than their visually ideal counterparts are sold for up to 30 percent less, leading to a win-win where farmers and grocers have a wider market for all of their produce and budget-conscious consumers can spend less on fruits and veggies that are only inferior in eye appeal.
The company said it plans to expand its line of imperfect produce even more over the coming months.
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