Live-streamer Forces Kiss on Terrified Elderly Man

Live-streamer Forces Kiss on Terrified Elderly Man

July 11, 2019
A female influencer in China was arrested after trying to force a kiss on an elderly man on a busy street in Hefei, Anhui province last weekend. 
Armed with her phone and a selfie stick, the unnamed woman was reportedly wandering the streets to find her “victim.”
A passerby captured the woman’s social media stunt on video in which she is seen in pigtails and heavy makeup. In the clip, an elderly man named Hong is shown walking past her. According to SCMP, the man commented, “There are really all sorts of people these days.”
The woman then ran up to Hong and grabbed him by the neck with puckered lips. Terrified by the assault, the elderly man struggled while trying to push the woman off. In the scuffle groceries flew out of his hands as he shouted, “What are you doing?!”
After the struggle, Hong immediately called the police. The police later arrived at the scene and found the woman in a nearby building. Refusing to leave she decided to create drama by sitting on the floor. 
“The way you treat me makes me scared,” the woman was quoted as saying. 
She claimed that she had never gotten into trouble for a stunt like this in the past. She had reportedly been live-streaming full time for over a year and had done similar stunts in the past without repercussions. 
The authorities eventually got her out of the building and had to lift her into the police van by force as she refused to go with them. 
The woman explained that she was left with no choice but to live-stream for a living since no one wanted to hire her allegedly due to her appearance. She has since been earning a living by disturbing pedestrians to get more online attention.
Her online stunts have mostly earned ire and criticism, with many demanding that she gets banned from live-streaming platforms. Some have voiced that they believe she deserves to get charged with sexual harassment from trying to forcibly kiss the elderly man.
The live-streamer will be detained for eight days by the Lujiang County Public Security Bureau for disorderly conduct.
Featured image via YouTube / South China Morning Post
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