Little Girls Used in Victoria Secret-Style Fashion in China Sparks Outrage

A fashion show held in a mall in China has caused a major controversy online after it featured little girls as the models in a Victoria’s Secret-style ramp show.

A shopping mall in Chengdu, southwest of China’s Sichuan Province, received several criticisms over its catwalk show on August 5 showing little girl models in lingerie. According to Yahoo UK, the models wore two-piece lingerie with stylish large headpieces and feather wings similar to what the models for Victoria’s Secret wear in their shows.

The exact ages of the girls are unknown, but reports have estimated that some of the models are as young as five-year-old based on the pictures floating on Chinese social media platform, Weibo.

Parents and online users alike were not thrilled by the organizer’s decision to allow kids do a catwalk show wearing lingerie and full on makeup while people took pictures of them. Some users on Weibo have expressed their criticism over the event.

I do not support children to participate in such activities too early!” a user on the Chinese social media platform wrote, as translated by Metro.

I do not want to let her wear bikini and then twist the body with a variety of shapes to please the audience,” another user added.

Images via Weibo

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