This Little Girl and Her Giant Poodle are Everyone’s #FriendshipGoals

A toddler and a standard poodle twice her size have been showing everyone what real friendship looks like.

Meet Mame and Riku of Japan.

Mame has been pals with Riku since her grandmother, Tamanegi, started sharing their adorable adventures on Instagram.

From the kitchen to the lawn, Mame and Riku are an inseparable team.

They have been chilling together…

Reading together…

Working as colleagues…

And everything else in between.

The family has two other poodles, Qoo and Gaku, but Mame and Riku get along well best.

Tamanegi documents all the fun on their Instagram page, which has now amassed at least 342,000 followers.

If this purity of a friendship can’t melt a cold heart, then we absolutely don’t know what can!

Their memories have also been preserved in the physical world through a book, which fans can purchase on Amazon Japan for 1,026 yen ($9.40, Kindle version available).

So if someone’s in deep thought about the meaning of friendship, you know what to do.

Cuteness overload, y’all.

Check out their latest video below:

Images via Instagram / tamanegi.qoo.riku

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