Little Girl Breaks Down When She Has to Say Goodbye to Her Family Maid


A viral video showing a heartbreaking goodbye between a young girl and her family’s maid is giving a lot of netizens the feels.

The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook and has now more than 891,000 views, shows the family sending their maid off at the airport. According to World of Buzz, the maid apparently had to go back to her hometown, though it wasn’t revealed where or why she had to go. The little girl was is heard sobbing because her kakak is leaving, a term of endearment in Indonesia that can mean older sister.

During the emotional good-bye, the two hugged and cried together while the mother comforted her devastated daughter. Unfortunately, the woman really had to board her flight so the mother had to force her daughter to let go of her. As she was being carried by her mother, the girl finally said her goodbyes and reportedly wished her all the best.

Others at the scene were affected by the emotional departure of the woman that the mother can also be seen crying as she takes her daughter from the maid.

Featured image screenshot via Facebook / kuchingtalk

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