Little Boy Pees on Stage While Mom Just Laughs During Children’s Day Dance in China

A group of kindergarten students in China put on a show with their moms in honor of Children’s Day on Wednesday, but one kid couldn’t seem to hold it in any longer and decided to pull on stage.

A video taken at the school in Hejin county, Shanxi Province has been making the rounds on Chinese social media, showing the child in the first row pull down his pants to pee on what appears to be a potted plant.

His mom continued on with the dance, holding back laughter as she tried to get her son to stop.

The kindergarten later explained to reporters that the urination was not part of the performance.

When nature calls, we must honor it. Check out the accident below:

According to Shanghaiist, many online just laughed at the clip, which they say the mom can use to torment her son when he is older.

But others pointed out the child’s behavior as uncivilized and found it unacceptable.

There is nothing funny about this. When kids aren’t raised properly, they think they can just pee wherever. When I was little, I knew that this kind of behavior was uncivilized,” one user on Weibo commented.

I’m guessing that this isn’t the first time that he’s done something like this,” another wrote.

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