Little Boy Buys Angry Birds Toy for $5, Finds $850 Worth of Marijuana Inside

Talk about finding a treasure.

After giving her 5-year-old son $5 to buy an Angry Birds toy at their local Target in Ontario, Canada, the boy’s mother, Monika Milewska, noticed a foreign object was included with the toy while helping him unpack it.

“I went to hand him everything and noticed something unusual on the couch. Upon further inspection, it looked like marijuana.”

As any upstanding and morally bound mother would do, Ms. Milewska took the vacuum-sealed bag of weed to her local police station, where they inspected it.

“The police suggested it was about 85 grams,” she told the local news. Eighty-five grams for $850 dollars means you probably have a good amount of shwag on your hands, but hey, lots of any weed for free is always better than no weed, amiright?

Police followed up by searching the entire store for more drugs but found none, and Target gave the boy a new, weed-free toy.

The little boy, however, was still allegedly semi-traumatized by the experience. His mother explained:

“He could not sleep on his own and kept asking us questions: Why it was in his toy? Who put it there? What was it? I guess Target lived up to their slogan, ‘expect more, pay less.’ “

Can’t sleep at night because of stress? They got drugs for that, you know …

Source: ParentDish
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