Landlady Exposes ‘Luxury’ Influencer’s Apartment Covered in Trash and Dog Feces

Landlady Exposes ‘Luxury’ Influencer’s Apartment Covered in Trash and Dog FecesLandlady Exposes ‘Luxury’ Influencer’s Apartment Covered in Trash and Dog Feces
A Chinese social media influencer, Lisa Li was recently exposed by her former landlady for leaving her former apartment in covered in filth. 
Li, a social media star who often posts about her lavish and luxurious lifestyle, was recently called out by her former landlady, only known by her surname Chen, according to Daily Mail.
Chen discovered the apartment Li rented located in Xi’an city, Shaanxi province, China was covered in filth, such as trash, rotten foods, and dog excrement, when the social media star moved out.
Image via Pear Video
While speaking to Pear Video, the landlady expressed her disbelief that Li, who she described as a “beautiful lady,” was living in such “disgusting condition.”
Chen eventually called in professional cleaners to deep clean Li’s place, but even they refused to do the job.
On top of the filthy damages she left behind, Li also owed her former landlady 3,000 yuan ($420) in unpaid utility bills, New York Post reported.
Chen tried to contact Li multiple times and report her to the police. Filming and posting the condition of the apartment was her last resort, the landlady said.
Her complaint was heard after the video became viral. The internet star filmed herself meeting with Chen and had promised to clean the apartment.
Image via Pear Video
“Complete responsibility lies with me on this incident. I will clean now, I will even clean overnight,” the social media star, who has over 1.1 million followers on China’s Weibo, told The Paper.
Li said she missed her landlady’s message as she was swamped with many private messages. She also explained she was on a tight schedule, saying she went into the hospital and was on a business trip, BBC reported.
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