Blackpink’s Lisa apologizes over cultural appropriation accusations in video call with fan

Lisa apologizes

Blackpink member Lisa has been on a roll since her solo debut, but some fans are upset with what they deem as cultural appropriation on the K-pop star’s part. One fan felt it was so important that they took time out of a video call with Lisa to confront her on the issue. 

Not just braids: Lisa has been breaking records with her single “Lalisa,” but many BLINKs, Blackpink’s fanbase, have taken offense to her hairstyle for the cover of her single “Money,” and a fan told her why, according to Sportskeeda

  • In the pictures for the rap-heavy song, Lisa’s hair is tied up into a high ponytail, but her hair is also in braids in a style similar to box braids, a popular Black hairstyle. 
  • During a fan meet where the fan was able to talk to Lisa through a video call, the fan told Lisa that many BLINKs were upset about her hairstyle and what they saw as cultural appropriation. Lisa immediately apologized, and the fan uploaded the apology to YouTube
  • Fan meet video calls are usually around a minute long, but Lisa extended the call in order to listen to the fan’s explanation in its entirety. 
  • In the video, Lisa says in English, “I didn’t know. I didn’t have, like, bad intentions. I thought the hairstyle was very cool.” She continued to apologize for her actions saying, “I feel bad. I’m very sorry…I’ll be very, you know, like, joshimhae? Careful from now on.” “Joshimhae” is the Korean word for “be careful.” 
  • This isn’t the first time Lisa has been accused of cultural appropriation. In Blackpink’s music video for “Kill This Love,” she is seen wearing pigtails, but they are, again, in the style of box braids. 

Reactions: Fans are divided about Lisa’s apology. While some have accepted it, others believe that it is not good enough considering she’s worn box braids multiple times. 


Featured Image via BLACKPINK (left, right)

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