‘No Thanks’: Linkin Park Wants Trump to Stop Using Their Music at His Campaign Events

‘No Thanks’: Linkin Park Wants Trump to Stop Using Their Music at His Campaign Events

July 20, 2020
Linkin Park sent a cease and desist letter to President Donald Trump after his reelection campaign used one of their songs without approval.
What happened: On Saturday, Trump retweeted a campaign video that featured the rock band’s 2002 hit song “In The End.”
  • The video was originally tweeted by Dan Scavino, White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications.
  • It used a cover of “In The End” by emerging artist Jung Youth, who immediately expressed distaste and wrote, “I stand firmly against bigotry and racism.”
  • Linkin Park swiftly took action through its management company Machine Shop Entertainment, which sent Twitter a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice.
  • Twitter then removed the content in question, saying that it responds to “valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives.”
  • Twitter has repeatedly clashed with Trump since May, disabling or commenting on his tweets over copyright complaints or policy violations such as “glorifying violence.”
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The band’s response: In a statement, Linkin Park announced that it issued a cease and desist letter to the Trump campaign regarding the matter.
  • According to the band, it “did not and does not endorse Trump, nor authorize his organization to use any of our music.”
  • In an Instagram post, Joe Hahn, the band’s DJ, wrote “no thanks” in an apparent rejection of Trump’s choice to use their song.
  • The band appears to have hated Trump for years, with late frontman Chester Bennington calling the president a “greater threat to the USA than terrorism” in 2017.
  • Earlier this month, Neil Young also objected to Trump’s use of his music at the Mount Rushmore event celebrating Independence Day.
  • Other musicians who opposed Trump’s use of their work included the Rolling Stones, who threatened legal action, as well as the family of the late Tom Petty, which also filed a cease and desist notice.
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