Vietnamese Couple Called ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Still Happier Than Their Toxic Haters

Vietnamese Couple Called ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Still Happier Than Their Toxic Haters

October 16, 2017
Social media can be a very cruel, toxic place for some couples who, in the eyes of the prejudiced, are perceived to be physically incompatible.
Such is the case for Linh Nguyen and Hai Nguyen, a couple from Vietnam who have been heavily criticized online because for the boyfriend’s purportedly unattractive appearance.
Every time Linh uploads an image of herself with her boyfriend Hai, her Facebook account’s comments section always gets flooded with criticisms from netizens berating the man for being overweight.
Linh, who appears to be quite popular online, has over 39,000 followers on the social networking platform. And while her boyfriend gets bashed on a regular basis, Linh, on the other hand, receives compliments for her good looks.
“You’re beautiful but your boyfriend’s fat,” one Facebook user commented.
“You don’t look good with a fat and ugly boyfriend,” another one pointed out.
Some have even cruelly labeled them the “Beauty and the Beast” and questioned if their relationship was even real.
Despite being publicly open about their relationship, Linh still constantly gets hit on by rude guys via comments on her photos.
The negative reaction from commenters does not stop the couple, who have been in a relationship for almost two years now, from posting more of their romantic photos to the chagrin of their haters.
And to those who maliciously accuse Linh of being with Hai because he is well-off, she has a simple explanation on what keeps their relationship strong.
In her recent posts, she explained that since she is in love, she can see past a person’s weight and physical appearance.
“In love, weight and physical appearance aren’t important at all,” Linh was quoted as saying. “What’s really important is how well you can converse, and if your hearts are a good fit for each other.”
Linh and Hai are looking forward to more years together in love.
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