Asian-American Woman Tweets Violent Experiences With ‘Super Bipolar’ Boyfriend

Asian-American Woman Tweets Violent Experiences With ‘Super Bipolar’ BoyfriendAsian-American Woman Tweets Violent Experiences With ‘Super Bipolar’ Boyfriend
A young Asian woman living in San Jose, California gathered the courage to share her violent experiences of domestic abuse on Twitter.
On April 22, the woman named “Linda” posted a photo of herself covered in blood while her boyfriend, the abuser, took tissues.
According to Linda, she has been in the “most toxic, abusive and controlling relationship ever” for more than six months, but “still loves the guy at this point.”
The alleged abuser is Christopher Nguyen, whom Linda described as “super bipolar” and a “manipulative liar” who first showed violent traits when he broke her phone because she was texting another guy.
Some time later, the two got into a heated argument when Linda got “super drunk.” Chris allegedly slapped, dragged and forced his hand down Linda’s throat to make her vomit. The violent scene did not end yet:
To make matters worse, Linda discovered that Chris was planning to f**k another girl named “Elaine”:
Linda endured a few more beatings until she found herself drenched in blood with agonizing pain in the head later. Chris allegedly threatened to kill her if she called the police.
Fortunately, it appears that authorities received all the information with the following tweet from the Fremont Police Department:
Linda thanked Twitter users who gave her emotional support throughout the ordeal.
We’re still on the lookout for what happens next, but we hope Linda is recovering for herself.
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