Woman Discovers Her Boyfriend Saved Her Life 9 Years Before They Even Met

Lin Xiaofen almost died almost a decade ago. Thankfully, however, her future boyfriend saved her life long before they even met. 

The Taiwanese couple made a surprising discovery one day when they found out that they have already been linked together by fate nine years ago as donor and beneficiary of a blood transfusion.

According to Chongqing Morning Post (via China Daily), Lin Xiaofen visited a Taipei hospital nine years ago after feeling very ill. Her condition would later cause her to fall into a coma and then suffer a massive loss of blood. She would not have made it through if not for the large blood transfusion she received.


Past forward to almost a decade later, when Lin told the life-threatening story to her boyfriend Lian Zhicheng.

As a frequent blood donor, Lian asked her a question in jest: “Maybe it is my blood?”

Interestingly, when Lin checked the hospital records, she confirmed that it was actually her current boyfriend who saved her life nine years ago as her blood donor.

“Go donate your blood now, because you have a chance to bring a wife home,” Lian was quoted as saying.

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