Badass Taiwanese Model Treats Her Workers to an Epic Vacation Right Before CNY

You’ve probably heard of bosses who showered their employees with gifts, treats, and vacations, but here’s another boss who spends lavishly on her staff and their families.


Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi Ling recently took her staff and their families for an overseas vacation – which apparently was an annual thing.


The 47-year-old posted a photo of herself together with the group with a caption that said, “My beloved work partners and their family members’ annual travel. We worked hard.”


Her photo has received over 6,000 likes as well as praises because of her generosity. 


Lin’s career began in 2002 when she was invited to model in a television advertisement in Hong Kong. The ad went viral and her career took off overnight.


In 2006, Lin started serving as an official spokesperson for both China Airlines and watchmaker Longines.


It’s good to know she knows how to treat her workers!

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