75-Year-Old Korean Bodybuilding Grandma Crushes Competitors Half Her Age

Lim Jong So

A 75-year-old grandmother from South Korea is proving age is just a number, as she wins awards in bodybuilding competitions.

Images of Lim Jong So went viral on social media recently after winning 2nd place in a bodybuilding contest, according to Koreaboo.

Born in 1944, Lim has always enjoyed being active in her younger years, but she reportedly began exercising more as she aged for health reasons.

“I like exercising so I did aerobics for 35 years but I got stenosis,” she was quoted as saying. “I wasn’t able to walk with my right leg and as a part of treatment, I began going to the gym in May of last year.”

Image via Koreaboo

With regular exercise, she was able to sculpt her body and entered a competition against women in their late 30s and above. There was no separate category for elders.

Lim says that succeeding at something requires doing it with confidence and some desperation. She also urged everyone to chase after their dreams, regardless of age.

“Everyone has dreams. But if you give up on those dreams because of old age, life becomes too meaningless,” she added. “If you challenge yourself to your dreams even after aging, I believe you will be able to have a great life in your remaining time.”

Featured Image via YouTube / Mark 1333

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