Disgraced Filipina Instagram Model Once Tweeted a Photo Supporting ‘White Power’

Disgraced Filipina Instagram Model Once Tweeted a Photo Supporting ‘White Power’
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 5, 2017
Even more proof of Lily May Macapinlac’s unbelievable racism has surfaced, painting an even clearer picture of what she actually believes in.
After her anti-Asian men rant from 2012 that revealed her secret desire to be half white while bashing her own race, posts from two years AFTER that were discovered comparing black people to her pet dog.
Now, AGAIN, another photo has begun making the rounds on social media due to the severity of the message it carries.  From April 2014, a Twitter post with the caption “Str8 up hood” shows a photo of Macapinlac beside a wall with graffiti that read: “Asian and [Lebos] Suck Dick. Aussie 4 Life. Cunt. White Power.”
An initial reaction might be: “Wait, this has gotta be Photo-shopped,” or Who in their right mind would upload a photo like this?”
It turns out, we may actually have another Tila Tequila situation on our hands because while a cropped photo may look suspicious, a link to her actual post (which is still up as of this post) is quite indubious.
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While Asian White Supremacists are really nothing new, each time we see something like this emerge, we are still shocked and appalled at how such a mentality is shaped and brought out into the world.
But then again, if you read how her mom justifies her daughter’s anti-Asian rants, it becomes clear. 
Macapinlac has since vaguely apologized on Twitter, but without actually saying which part she feels bad about or how she intends to correct herself.
[Update] Macapinlac has deleted the tweet and released a second apology.
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