Model Gets Attacked By K-Pop Star’s Crazy Fans After He Follows Her on Instagram

Fans of Korean pop boy band EXO have been tormenting a model online after a member of the band followed her on Instagram.
Filipino-Australian Lily May Mac, Lily Macapinlac in real life, is internet-famous for being a paid product model on Instagram.
The beautiful 21-year-old, who currently has 1.6 million Instagram followers, drew the ire of EXO fans after they noticed that EXO member Park Chanyeol followed Mac’s Instagram account.  
The obsessive fans, part of the boyband’s fan base called EXO-L, began posting nasty comments on the model’s online photos calling her a “bitch” and mocking her looks, Daily Mail reported.
Macapinlac found her Instagram account flooded with a variety of attacks, with some even accusing her of lying about not having had plastic surgery.
While there are some comments from fans that tried to apologize for the cyberbullying, the majority of the comments were relentless.
One commenter, for instance, wrote “Fuck you Lily” several times on one of the model’s photos.
Some fans resorted to spreading rumors that the model had spoken poorly of Chanyeol. The majority demanded that she unfollow the singer.
In response to the attacks, the model posted a statement on her Instagram account that read:
“I have not said anything bad about EXO-L’s or Chanyeol (I’ve never met/talked to him). Please don’t believe these stories that aren’t true. Also no I did not undergo plastic surgery. Oh and I’ll be in Osaka on Friday!
EXO fans have harassed other celebrity women on social media before. In 2014 a member of K-pop girl group 2EYES deleted her social media accounts after EXO fans bullied her for being friendly with group member Sehun.
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