Cube Entertainment girl group Lightsum releases first EP ‘Into the Light’

Cube Entertainment girl group Lightsum releases first EP ‘Into the Light’Cube Entertainment girl group Lightsum releases first EP ‘Into the Light’
K-pop girl group Lightsum’s first EP “Into the Light” and title track music video “Alive” dropped Tuesday
The five-track EP from the Cube Entertainment group is their first follow-up since the single “Light a Wish” and music video for “Vivace” back in October. The group made their debut in July 2021 with the track “Vanilla.”
Lightsum’s eight members — Sangah, Chowon, Huiyeon, Nayoung, Yugeong, Hina, Jian and Juhyeon — attended their first in-person media event and live concert for the press release of “Into the Light.” 
During the press conference, the members shared their feelings about their first EP and finally having the opportunity to perform in person since they debuted amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 
“The album spells out the emotions we face right now in a candid and bold attitude. Please look into our message that the album carries,” Nayoung shared. “The pandemic social distancing has been alleviated and we’re now able to hold a concert in the presence of our fans. We’re looking forward to performing to the cheers of our fans.”
Juhyeon noted the differences between the title track “Alive” and their previous works, commenting on the group’s first dance break. 
“We hope to show our performance is different,” she said. “As we trained for ‘Alive,’ we agreed that the band’s previous title track ‘Vivace’ was more difficult than our debut song ‘Vanilla,’ but that ‘Alive’ was even incomparable to ‘Vivace.’ We wondered whether we’d actually be able to master it, but we did. We realized we’re strong enough, and we had worked hard for it.”
Sangah said, “The group practice only lasted at least three hours in the evening, and in the morning we focused on our individual training. So, every day, the members went through around eight hours of practicing.”
Expressing their aspirations for their comeback, Chowon said, “What we want more than good chart scores and rankings is to play more of our music to our fans, Sumit, and for more people to hear our music and remember Lightsum.”
Chowon and the other members also reference their Cube Entertainment labelmates (G)I-dle, who are slated for a world tour this year coming off the success of their “I Never Die” album and “Tomboy” music video.
“We respect how they always lead a new trend and attempt diverse concepts. Like (G)I-dle, we hope Lightsum could make our name known through our own unique color.”
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