Hero Becomes the ‘Spider-Man of China’ After the Daring Rescue of a Toddler

A man from eastern China has been branded a hero all over the world after video of him climbing the side of a building to save a toddler went viral.

Liang Lei of Liaocheng in Shandong Province climbed three stories on the side of a building to save a dangling two-year-old who was caught on the security bars outside of his building on Oct. 27. The toddlers parents were not home at the time, according to China Daily (via AsiaOne).

Using his bare hands, Liang scaled the building to release the boy and bring him down to safety. He recalled when he reached the toddler:

“I got there and found the boy barely moving. His legs were shaking. I decided to climb up as I thought he was in danger.”


Dubbed China’s own Spider-Man, Liang was praised all over social media:

Check out Liang’s heroism and his account of the rescue below:

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