China’s Oldest Photographer is 105 and Still Shooting

China’s Oldest Photographer is 105 and Still Shooting
Carl Samson
March 15, 2017
At the age of 105, Li Yuzhen is China’s oldest photographer.
She is one of only two centenarians living in her town.
With 64 years of experience, Li has become an expert at her craft.
She currently helps in her daughter’s vintage photo studio in Lianhui, Guangxi province.
Li’s interest in photography began in 1953 when she married Rong Songting, who owned a photo studio in Guangdong province, according to China Daily.
Li’s husband taught her everything he knew. Since then, she took the liberty to master her skills and soon became the manager of another studio.
From black and white to color and film and later digital media, Li witnessed it all unfold.
Now, Li has become an inspiration to her family, with five of them involved in photography work.
Her great-granddaughter Li Jiaxin, barely 3, already shows great interest too.
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