World Champion Formula One Driver Banned From Wimbledon For Not Dressing Fancy Enough

If you never thought dressing for an occasion was crucial, think again.

Lewis Hamilton, the world champion Formula One racing driver for Mercedes AMG, was banned from watching the Wimbledon finals match from the Royal Box because he wasn’t wearing a jacket and tie.

As Novak Djokovic battled against Roger Federer for the Wimbledon title, Hamilton was forced to watch from the hospitality area in center court despite receiving a Royal Box invitation package which would have him sit next to “Sherlock Holmes” star Benedict Cumberbatch and American Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

“On my way to Wimbledon to watch the final. Honoured to have been invited to watch the men’s finals from the Royal Box,” Hamilton wrote in a post on Instagram. Hamilton wore a bright floral shirt, white pants, camel-colored suede loafers, and a hat, which is still considered inappropriate by Wimbledon standards. An event spokesman added:

“If he was not adequately dressed you could infer that he would not have been let in, but we do not comment on our guests. If he came without a jacket, tie or shoes he would have had two choices — not staying or going to get some extra stuff.”

Men who are invited to sit in the exclusive Royal Box must wear a jacket, tie, and shoes.

Even the best race car driver in the world is no match for English tradition.

Source: Daily Mail
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