Hong Kong Woman Narrowly Escapes Rape by Praising Attacker’s Muscular Body

A nightclub worker in Hong Kong managed to save herself from another disgusting case of rape by praising her attacker’s buff physique.

Leung Chun-kit, 27, was jailed on Thursday after pleading guilty to the charge of attempted rape. The crime occurred on August 22, 2015 in a local bar where the victim worked.

Leung, who is a chef, drank seven bottles of beer and followed the woman when she left work. As seen in surveillance footage, he dragged her into a dark alley where he took off his pants and started groping her.

As Leung tried to penetrate the 23-year-old woman, she wittingly asked (via South China Morning Post), “You’re so buff. Did you want to apply to become a police officer or fireman?”

Apparently, Leung needed a moment to think of a response, especially upon hearing the word “police.” The victim then took this chance to escape by kicking his genitals.

Leung was arrested five days after the incident, Asia Times reported.

In defense, lawyer Tony Li argued that his client only committed the assault because he failed an exam that supposedly landed him a promotion or an opportunity to work abroad.

But Justice Louis Tong Po-sun said rape was almost completed if not for the victim’s wit. Unfortunately, she showed signs of trauma and anxiety following a psychological assessment. She also became self-destructive and avoided intimate contact with her boyfriend.

Judge Tong said, “It is not difficult to imagine her pain and fear, or why she remains affected by feelings of unease.”

As for Leung, the judge hoped for change:

“I hope the defendant will learn from the bitter experience and not repeat those steps. Be a new man after serving sentence.”

Leung is now serving four years behind bars.

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