South Korean Show Aims to Give Thai Girls The Makeover of Their Lives With Plastic Surgery

South Korean Show Aims to Give Thai Girls The Makeover of Their Lives With Plastic Surgery
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 12, 2016
The Thai version of the hit Korean surgery makeover television show “Let Me In Thailand” is now running its second season, giving some Thai women who are willing to go under the knife an opportunity to improve their looks.
The opening of the current season saw two Thai women, a girl with no chin and one with a twisted jaw, who were sent to South Korea to undergo a complete surgical makeover, reports Coconuts Bangkok. The results were astonishing.
Jitraporn Panboo is a college student studying hotel and tourism management. For an industry that focuses primarily on looks, Jitraporn acknowledged that it would not be easy for her to get hired due to her appearance. She said she “didn’t have a chin,” and has been teased for her looks since she was young.
“At university, people look at me and laugh. I feel like some kind of monster,” Jitraporn was quoted as saying.
After the TV show gave her a chin and a new face, Jitraporn said she now has the chance to provide a better life for her family.
Namthip Hinkong is a sales representative who had a twisted jaw due to a childhood accident. At work, she had difficulty speaking to customers because of her minor facial deformity. She also has another dream — to eventually become a model.
“I dream to be a model. I tried casting but they said someone with a face like me couldn’t be a model,” Namthip said.
After the show fixed her jaw and further improved her looks, Namthip has gained more confidence and has even started taking a modeling course to pursue her ultimate dream.
“Let Me In” is a hugely popular and highly successful reality makeover show which originated from South Korea. The program chooses one lady or man and helps them improve not only their looks but also, their health, posture and even their sense of fashion.
While some people view plastic surgery as a luxury and, most of the time, unnecessary, there are those who feel that going under the knife is more of a necessity than just a means of vanity.
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