‘Let it rip!’: Live-action ‘Beyblade’ movie to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for Paramount

  • Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Disney’s popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, has been tapped to produce a live-action “Beyblade” movie for Paramount.
  • While not much is known yet about the project, screenwriters Neil Widener and Gavin James are reportedly attached to the movie.
  • The first mention of a live-action “Beyblade” movie dates back to 2015 when Paramount Pictures purchased the rights to make the film.
  • The Japanese toy line of spinning tops has inspired a manga and anime series.

The popular spinning top battle toy franchise “Beyblade” is reportedly getting a live-action adaptation for Paramount with “Pirates of the Caribbean” producer Jerry Bruckheimer set to produce.

While details of the project and storyline are still scarce during early development, Neil Widener and Gavin James have been tapped to write the script for “Beyblade,” according to Deadline

The possibility of a live-action “Beyblade” was first speculated in 2015 after Paramount purchased the rights to make the project under producer Mary Parent, The Verge reported.

Originally developed by the Japanese company Takara in 1999, the toy game inspired by beigoma, traditional Japanese spinning tops, was later licensed by other companies, including Hasbro in the U.S., after gaining global popularity. The property was also one of the biggest competitors of Pokémon at the time, Collider reported.

Like Pokémon, “Beyblade” also pits players against each other.  “Beyblade” opponents launch their spinning tops using a “BeyLauncher” into an arena called “Beystadium.” To win, the player must either knock their opponent’s “Beyblade” top out of the arena or out-spin them, according to the official “Beyblade” rule book.

The toy line has also inspired a manga series, video games and anime, with “Beyblade Burst” being the most recent incarnation.

Featured Image via Hasbro

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