Less Than 50 Percent of People Can Recognize the Apple Logo in This Photo — Can You?

How well do you know the Apple logo? Although you’re constantly bombarded with Apple advertisements and you might even own an Apple product or three, we bet you won’t be able to pick out their logo on your first try.
A recent psychology study that set out to test the recall and recognition of Apple and PC users found that participants showed surprisingly poor memory when it came to recognizing and drawing out the simple apple-shaped logo.
According to the results, only one in 85 UCLA undergraduate participants could recreate the logo correctly from memory, and fewer than half of the participants could correctly identify the logo in a line-up.
The first stage of the test asked participants to rate their confidence on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least confident and 10 being the most confident. Most participants felt the logo was highly memorable before being asked to draw the actual logo. Experimenters then rated the logos on a 14-point rubric.
The second stage of the test asked participants to spot the actual Apple logo out of a set of 12 apples separated into three columns of four.
How well did you do?
Here is the actual logo developed by Rob Janoff in 1977. Apple has changed the logo six times in the past, with the most current logo having changed in 2013.
Fun Fact: Apple’s very first logo featured Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree and was cut out of wood by co-founder Ronald Wayne in 1976.
h/t: Daily Mail
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