Everyone Needs to Listen to This ‘Rick and Morty’ EDM Track IMMEDIATELY

It’s time to get schwifty!

“Rick and Morty” has a wealth of memorable lines and catchphrases that have earned their place in pop culture; from “Wubba Lubba dub-dub” to “I’m Pickle Riiiiiick!”, fans have embraced the show, heavily quoting them in social media posts, memes, and online forums. Musician Leslie Wai, however, took his love for the show one step further by creating a ridiculously catchy EDM remix featuring the most notable quotes.

The talented “Rick and Morty” fan blended numerous samples from the popular animated series to build one fantastic EDM remix. Hardcore fans will also totally get a kick out of the sheer number of phrases Wai was able to cram into the two-and-a-half-minute song. 

Wai’s creation also includes a number of musical elements from the show that, while many would easily recognize, are brilliantly cut in ways that are totally fresh and somehow stand on their own.

Leslie Wai is a Chinese-British filmmaker, DJ, musician, and social media personality who found internet fame for his Vine series, where he dramatized ordinary situations, like microwaving food and removing rubbish for his popular “If Real Life Was An Anime” episodes, in which he simulated various anime cliches.

His “Rick and Morty Remix” track can now be downloaded from SoundCloud.

Feature Image via (Left): YouTube / Leslie Wai | (Right): Twitter / LeslieWai

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