IT Consultant Rapes Asian Student For Hours, Gets 17 Years in Jail

IT Consultant Rapes Asian Student For Hours, Gets 17 Years in JailIT Consultant Rapes Asian Student For Hours, Gets 17 Years in Jail
A dangerously perverted IT consultant was sentenced to 17 years in prison after raping an Asian student for hours. Police described the offender, Leo Del Pellegrino, as a “dangerous, perverted monster” due to his violent sexual tendencies.
It should be noted that a conflicting report has his jail sentence set to 22 years instead of 17.
According to DailyRecord, the 26-year-old IT consultant was obsessed in acting out his rape fantasies as he persistently tried to meet-up with an Asian student he met through a dating app. Del Pellegrino manages to convince the student to let him inside her apartment by telling her that he needed to use the bathroom.
However, once the IT consultant was finally inside, he then proceeded to rape the 25-year-old student. Furthermore, Del Pellegrino subjected the Asian victim to a series of “degrading sexual acts” which includes binding her hands, cutting her with a knife and writing obscenities on her body.
To make matters worse, the rapist then blackmailed the girl by taking pictures of her humiliated state and threatening to release them if she told anyone about what transpired. According to TheStar, Del Pellegrino wasn’t even a local resident of Sheffield.
The IT Consultant went to the city while on a business trip but instead of focusing on work, he was looking for the perfect candidate to fulfill his sexual desires. Judge Julian Goose described the rapist’s actions like “casting a net” looking for the ideal victim all while being fueled by “clear obsession with pornography of real rape.”
With that said, Del Pellegrino had in his search history the terms “Asian rape” and “real rape video” on his computer. The victim had to travel back to Sheffield all the way from China to testify in court and recall her traumatizing experience.
Judge Goose applauded the victim’s determination in going out of her way to ensure the rapist was imprisoned. The judge admired the Asian student’s efforts calling it as “nothing short of inspirational.”
Feature Image via South Yorkshire Police
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