Lego debuts three sets celebrating the Year of the Tiger, Lunar New Year

lego lunar new year
  • LEGO recently introduced three 2022 ​​Lunar New Year sets.
  • The sets include: Lunar New Year Traditions, Lunar New Year Ice Festival and Majestic Tiger.

Danish toy company Lego unveiled three sets for the launch of their 2022 ​​Lunar New Year edition.

Each of the sets includes six brick-built scenes featuring traditional Chinese festivals a Lunar New Year Festival, a Spring Festival ice skating park and a 3-in-1 Lego Majestic Tiger to mark the Year of the Tiger. 

“Kids can learn about Lunar New Year customs as they build and role-play festive activities with this colorful Lego set,” the company stated on their official website.

The Lunar New Year Traditions set contains 1,066 Lego pieces and 12 minifigures. The scenes feature families executing traditional Lunar New Year activities such as Spring Festival shopping, spring cleaning, spending time with family and exchanging “Hongbao” red envelopes. There is also a 财神 minifigure, which represents Caishen, the Chinese god of prosperity whom many Chinese honor during Lunar New Year in order to receive his blessings in the year ahead.

The Lunar New Year Ice Festival set contains 1,519 Lego pieces and 13 minifigures. The scene features a frozen lake, a ski slope and a chun ice sculpture along with winter activities, including ice hockey and sledding.

The Majestic Tiger is a 755-piece set that allows three different build-and-play animals including a tiger, a koi fish and a red panda. It also comes with a brick-built red bird, a water lily and bamboo trees. 

The Lunar New Year Traditions and the Majestic Tiger sets are currently available to purchase. The Lunar New Year Ice Festival set will be available beginning Jan. 10.

All images via Lego

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