‘Legless’ Beggar in China Cons $1,500 a Month From People Before Getting Busted By Police

A beggar in China pretending to be legless was caught in the act when suspicious pedestrians followed his whereabouts.
At first sight, this beggar in Shenzhen appeared to struggle as he slid his way through crowded streets.
He was spotted at a local market asking passersby for spare change, according to Shanghaiist.
But something about his over-sized clothes and “bulky” waist had some pedestrians wondering if he really was legless.
Some suspicious locals tracked him down into a narrow alley where a shocking event of transformation unfolded before their eyes.
As it turned out, the “legless” beggar had two functional legs after all.
And in case you’re wondering, yes, he can stand perfectly.
Angry witnesses called the cops for having been fooled into donating money to the the man. According to Sohu, he was earning around 10,000 yuan, or about $1,500, each month.
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