Legendary Hong Kong Star Sammo Hung Shocks Fans With Stunning Transformation

Legendary Hong Kong kung fu star Sammo Hung left many social media users in shock after a picture of him showing his massive weight loss was shared online.

The jaw-dropping picture, which was taken during a lunch gathering with the 68-year-old actor, was posted online by Hong Kong singer Alan Tam on May 25, according to AsiaOne.

“Big Brother Sammo cooked these few dishes and it’s really delicious,” Tam wrote in the Weibo post.

Hung, who was the action choreographer of the 2008 martial arts film “Ip Man” starring Donnie Yen and played the role of a kung fu master in its 2010 sequel “Ip Man 2”, looks unrecognizable in the picture.

Screenshot from “Ip Man 2” via Movieclips

Some social media users couldn’t help but be worried about the kung fu star’s health. However, Hung’s daughter-in-law cleared up the air and said his shocking weight loss is a result of eating clean.

After his operation for knee surgery in 2017, Hung’s doctors instructed the actor to lose 18 kilograms (39 pounds) when he became wheelchair-bound for two years, 8 Days reported.

Images via Alan Tam

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