‘Left-Behind’ Chinese Boy Leaves Heartbreaking Suicide Note After Ongoing Abuse

‘Left-Behind’ Chinese Boy Leaves Heartbreaking Suicide Note After Ongoing Abuse
Carl Samson
February 6, 2017
A 15-year-old boy from China’s Yunnan Province left a heartbreaking letter for his father before committing suicide on the eve of the Chinese New Year.
Apparently, the boy is one of the country’s 61 million “left-behind” children. These youngsters are left to live with their grandparents, relatives or themselves alone in the countryside by parents who have either died or relocated to find work.
According to the Chuncheng Evening Post (via South China Morning Post), the unidentified boy killed himself after years of abuse from his father, who usually went home only during annual holidays.
Unfortunately, those homecomings were not merry. In his letter, the boy detailed the agony he endured every time his short-tempered father arrived home for the spring festival.
The boy took his life by drinking pesticide, AsiaNews reported. He wrote (via SCMP):
“During every Lunar New Year, I was blamed and yelled at… Dad, when I die, you will be happy because you won’t be bothered anymore.”
“I don’t want to add any more burden on you, Mum and Dad’”, the 15-year-old wrote.
Neighbors claimed that the boy’s father worked in Kunming, an eight-hour drive from home, and struggled with money. They said he took out his frustration on his son who lived with grandparents.
“During the Lunar New Year season this year and last year, I have never had a good day. Last year, my dad beat me and yelled at me all because of the most trivial things. Because of that, I spent my whole year crying,” the boy added.
Shortly, the letter went viral on Chinese social media, with many calling out for more attention on left-behind children.
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