White Woman Forces Herself on Japanese Men to ‘Prove Asian Men Are Sexy’

White Woman Forces Herself on Japanese Men to ‘Prove Asian Men Are Sexy’White Woman Forces Herself on Japanese Men to ‘Prove Asian Men Are Sexy’
Ryan General
January 4, 2017
A white woman claiming she wanted to spread awareness of how Asians are portrayed in Hollywood decided to kiss some random Japanese men she found on the street without their consent. Riiiiiight.
In her unpopular video posted on Youtube and later shared on Facebook, Leela Rose can be seen walking around a street in Tokyo and kissing men without warning.
She begins the clip with a short intro stating that she aims to prove that Asian men can be portrayed as attractive in Western films.
“I’m sick and tired of constantly seeing only white men portrayed as the sexy, confident, male dominant character,” Leela Rose explained. “But in all reality, Asian men can be the exact same thing.”
Admirable intentions indeed, as Asians have been clamoring to end racial stigma in the western entertainment industry. However, how “kissing Japanese men randomly on the street” would actually affect Hollywood portrayals of Asian men was not really explained in detail nor clearly captured and illustrated in the video clip she made.  
In fact, her “social experiment” ironically ended up being a cringe-worthy attempt to push her own white privilege in Asia by showing she can just go ahead and shove her mouth to any Asian guy she feels like doing it to. Such behavior would be straight up sexual assault if gender roles were reversed.
Leela’s aggressive approach to her targets also does not in any manner help in changing the Asian male stereotype, as Erin Chew of Yomyomf pointed out.
“She is aggressively attacking them, which actually pushes the stereotype of Asian male passiveness. It also diminishes real, meaningful AMWF relationships, because she’s limited Asian men as a fetish,” Chew wrote.
Comments on her Facebook post also point out the absurdity of her actions:
“This is sexual assault,” wrote one Facebook user. “If it’s not, and you had the guys permission before you put your gross mouth on them, then you should say that up front. Imagine if this was a man, forcing himself on random women in the street. Disgusting.”
“I appreciate you trying to fight the bias that Asian men face in US culture, but this isn’t the right way to do it,” another explained. “The ends do not justify the means.”
He then added, “I’m not sure a culture that did nothing but kick ass and turn fighting into art for centuries needs anyone to make them look tough. America has an education and bias problem, Japan doesn’t have an emasculation problem.”
White women who are in relationships with Asian men also gave their reactions, expressing concerns on how it may affect the perception of White women in Asia.
“White women are fetishized in Asian countries and I’m a bit concerned that your videos promote this culture,” wrote one commenter.
“We fight stereotypes every single day (“white horse”) and videos like these not only perpetuate these matters but also really has nothing to do with your point concerning Hollywood,” another one chimed in.
Several other comments were a bit harsher than others:
Thanks but no thanks. Try again.
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