Korean Actress Reveals She Dieted So Hard She Started Going Deaf

South Korean television and movie actress Lee Tae Im admitted that she took her dieting so far to the point where she developed hearing issues.

Many fans were worried when they saw the 31-year-old actress’ extremely thin figure earlier this year. Some even accused her of having an operation to remove her weight, while others thought she might have an eating disorder. Henem Management quickly denied all the rumors and speculations that she had undergone cosmetic surgery.

However, Lee Tae Im admitted later that she went overboard with her dieting. On her appearance on the September 13 episode of “Taxi,” she said she decided to go on a diet, and that her drastic weight loss came with a heavy price.

Everyone around me showed concerns. So then I came to think that I need to change since the public is not liking how I look. And also, there were side effects (to the weight loss). I couldn’t hear well. It was also to the point where I felt like collapsing and I experienced hand tremors,” she said, according to AllKpop.

At first, I was strongly motivated since I’m returning to the screens after a long time. So I went a diet and ended up losing a lot of weight due to the overly strong motivation.”

Fortunately, the actress revealed that her weight has recovered since then.

“I’ve gained 8kg (17.6lbs) after the end of ‘Woman of Dignity’,” Lee Tae Im said.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons / KIYOUNG KIM (CC BY 2.0)

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