South Korean Dentist’s Age is Proof Asians Don’t Age

One woman has become the talk of the town after appearing on “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” a show run by South Korea’s SBS.

Apparently, netizens couldn’t guess her age right the first time, thanks to her youthful look.

Her name is Lee Sujin, a 48-year-old mom who’s been practicing dentistry for 16 years, allkpop said.

According to her daughter, she is addicted to taking selfies and uploading them on Instagram.

Lee explained that she enjoyed the attention she got from social media since her daughter stopped talking to her when the latter started middle school.

Lee’s Instagram feed is loaded with selfies, travel photos and fun video clips.

With her undeniable look, Lee joins our list of age-defying women.

You go, Lee!

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