The Hottest Airport Security Officer of All Time is in Singapore

Images of a boyish and charming police officer stationed at the Changi Airport in Singapore have recently been making the rounds in local social media.

Tasked with providing security at the airport, Corporal Lee Minwei of the Auxiliary Police Force at Certis Cisco was photographed looking after travelers in the international airport during his hours of duty.

First revealed to the world via a local humor site SGAG on Oct. 14 and on Certis Cisco’s Twitter account, the 22-year-old heartthrob has become a mini celebrity after his photos went viral.

The uploaded images, which showed Lee working reviewing passenger passports, have so far generated thousands of comments, praising handsome features.

Due to huge netizens’ demands, Changi Airport revealed the identity of the mysterious “online celebrity” officer on Monday, Oct. 17 on their Facebook page.

“I really enjoy learning more about the security measures at Changi, and keeping others safe.” he said in a statement. “Also, seeing travellers and tourists excited to go on their trips makes me happy too. That’s why I always smile more at work, and hopefully it helps brighten up someone else’s day.”


“There are times when tourists ask me to take photos with them, but I never expected something like this to happen. It was really quite a shock. My friends and family tease me a lot, but I have a feeling my younger brother is slightly jealous. I think my three siblings and I are all attractive in our own way. We took after our parents’ good looks – my mother has really beautiful eyes.”

Now wait for it….

“I am single, but not actively looking for a relationship right now because I want to focus on my career. I believe things will happen naturally if it’s meant to be, and if the right girl comes along.”

Yes ladies and gents! this gorgeous human specimen is SINGLE! There is a God!

The now internet-famous officer claimed that he and his siblings have taken their looks after their parents, adding that his mother has “really beautiful eyes.”

Netizens have also began sharing even more photos of Minwei.

For those curious, Lee revealed that he is currently single. Unfortunately for the hopefuls, he is not looking to be in a relationship for now while he focuses on his career.

“I believe things will happen naturally if it’s meant to be, and if the right girl comes along,” he said.

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