Best Husband Ever in Korea Builds Pregnant Wife the Ultimate Snack Shelf

Pregnancy is anything but easy, which is why a Korean husband made sure that his wife had all the conveniences at arm’s length.

According to Allkpop, a Korean husband named Lee Jong Chul became social media famous after his wife, Lee Yoo Jung, posted photos of the sweet surprise she got from her thoughtful husband.

The photos showed red shelves inside her house filled with different kinds of snacks, noodles, drinks and more. The 29-year-old wife said that her husband wanted to give her a mini-convenience store to make sure that she could have her favorite snacks while he is at work during day.

“He prepared it because I am currently pregnant and might want something to eat while he’s at work,” she said.

Even though she likes what her husband did, she told him he was just “wasting money,” but her 30-year-old husband dismissed it.

“He told me to stop nagging because he did it with the money that smokers would use for buying cigarettes,” the wife said.

Can someone give Lee Jong Chul the “Best Husband” award, please?

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