Lazy College Girl in China Finds Genius Way to Get Food to Her Room on the 6th Floor

For many of us who have lived or are currently living in dormitories, the experience is simply incomplete without getting food delivered straight to our doorstep.

But for some who are literally far from their door to meet the delivery guy, there must be some way to get their meal while still hot.

That was the case for one female university student in China, who was spotted letting down of a long strand of bed sheets tied together from her 6th floor room down to the ground.

It’s pretty much like Rapunzel’s hair, except that it’s food that’s coming and not some Prince Charming.

Perhaps we could all take cue from this student at Henan University of Technology who pulled the meal she ordered and saved herself from the obvious hassle that is a six-floor, back-and-forth trek.

And in case you need a conceptual framework:

Interestingly, she’s not alone in using the life hack:

What do you think?

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