LAX Will Soon Charge $1,800 to Protect Celebs and Rich People From Paparazzi

If you’re a celebrity or rich person who hates dealing with paparazzi every time you travel through LAX, there’s now a solution.
Yesterday, the Board of Airport Commissioners approved to build a special terminal that lets the 1 percent travel through the LA airport unbothered. The terminal is available to anyone who’s willing to pay up to $1,800 per trip.
The price includes exclusives lounges, dedicated catering, private security and border checkpoints, according to The Guardian.
Typically, guests have to walk up to 2,2000 steps from to the street to the point where they reach their seat. This new terminal will allow passengers to walk only 60 steps before they get to their seat. They’re driven directly to the plane when it’s time to board.
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