Law Firm Claims Attorney Who Posted Racist LinkedIn Comment About ‘Wuhan Lab’ Was ‘Hacked’

A Texas-based personal injury attorney is under fire after allegedly commenting a racist message on an Asian man’s LinkedIn post.

What happened: Charlie Liu, a software engineer from Orange, Calif., shared on LinkedIn last month that he is now unemployed after leaving his old job for a new one at Tesla, according to SF Gate.

  • Liu signed an offer letter to join Tesla, but the electric car company reportedly delayed his start date by two weeks and eventually told him “the position was no longer needed.”
  • Liu’s LinkedIn post garnered thousands of reactions and comments, including one from Karan Joshi, an attorney at Thomas J. Henry Law.
  • “Hey charlie,” Joshi wrote in the now-deleted comment, “the Wuhan Lab may have an opening. Good luck.”

The aftermath: TikTok users reportedly called out the attorney for his racist words.

  • Joshi allegedly deleted his LinkedIn account on June 1 after his comment garnered attention online.
  • In a statement, his law firm explained that his account was “hacked.”
  • The law firm turned off comments on the Instagram post as of this writing.


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