Elderly Laundromat Owners Model the Clothes Left Behind by Customers

An elderly couple in Taiwan has gone viral for modeling clothes left behind by the customers of their laundry store.

The couple, who are ages 83 and 84, have over 82,000 followers on their Instagram account @wantshowasyoung, as of this writing.

These old, forgotten clothes have been in their store for years, according to South China Morning Post. The iconic duo put together looks to show off the fashion pieces.

The original owners of the clothes have not come forward to claim any of the items after the viral photos were posted, the couple told NextShark.

“No one has come to claim the clothes at present, because it may be a long time ago,” they said.

“Some of these clothes have found new owners because of the photos,” the couple added. “We also donated in the past, but hope to remind everyone to remember to get the laundry.”

The adorable elderly couple was also featured on the Facebook page The Idea King, which garnered more than 20,000 shares, 3,300 comments and over 19,000 reactions from social media users. The couple has slayed in pieces that are playful, colorful, simple and structured with fun accessories, including sunglasses and hats.

They are the real #CoupleGoals, bringing these clothes a new life.

Feature Image via @wantshowasyoung

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